A studio life

My studio life began under the guidance of two master gilders. One, in Normandy, initiated me in his fascinating craft. The other, in Paris, perfected my training and supervised me as I worked towards my gilding diploma.

Life in the studio unfolds in an atmosphere that is both reflective and industrious; rigorous skills and hard-won experience are shared with fellow artisans, friends, clients and visitors.

Electronic devices are left behind, freeing up the hands and all the senses to express themselves and handle tools and techniques that have remained unchanged since the 16th century. Patience and humility fall into rhythm with the passage of time. Step by step, as if by alchemy, animal glue, Blanc de Meudon and Armenian bole make it possible for the gold leaf to adhere to the base material.

Life in the studio, year after year, perpetuates this rare craft and turns those who work here into repositories of precious skills and knowledge.